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Chase, Target Announce Data Breaches

Both Say Only Email And Names Are Affected

By Mark Hallburn
Publisher, PutnamLIVE.com

Over the weekend we told you that Kroger's family of stores announced a data breach. As it turns out, the problem has affected two more major companies. Monday, April 4th, 2011, Chase and Target announced similar breaches by sending emails to their customers.

As with the Kroger breach, Chase and Target are saying only email and names have been impacted. Kroger says the problem happened "outside the company." Chase and Target both blame a vendor named Epsilon.

"We have a team at Epsilon investigating and we are confident that the information that was retrieved included some Chase customer e-mail addresses, but did not include any customer account or financial information. Based on everything we know, your accounts and confidential information remain secure. As always, we are advising our customers of everything we know as we know it, and will keep you informed on what impact, if any, this will have on you," says Chase.

"Target’s email service provider, Epsilon, recently informed us that their data system was exposed to unauthorized entry. As a result, your email address may have been accessed by an unauthorized party. Epsilon took immediate action to close the vulnerability and notified law enforcement," says Target's message. "While no personally identifiable information, such as names and credit card information, was involved, we felt it was important to let you know that your email may have been compromised. Target would never ask for personal or financial information through email."

Chase has one Putnam County branch, in Scott Depot. Target does not have a store here. However, many Putnam County residents shop at the Barboursville Target.

According to a Los Angeles Times report, Epsilon is also responsible for the Kroger problem as well as up to 50 companies, including Best Buy.

Epsilon posted the following statement in a news release on its web site: "On March 30th, an incident was detected where a subset* of Epsilon clients' customer data were exposed by an unauthorized entry into Epsilon's email system. The information that was obtained was limited to email addresses and/or customer names only. A rigorous assessment determined that no other personal identifiable information associated with those names was at risk. A full investigation is currently underway." 

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