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Protect Your Kids - For Free

Company Is Giving Away Child Safe Kits

It's every parent's fear: You turnalt your back for a second and your precious child is gone.

Usually it's a heart-stopping false alarm. Most kids are found at the candy machine, or playing video games-just a few feet away. However, some children are kidnapped by predators and simply disappear.

When a kidnapping happens, time and information are crucial. Quickly providing police with accurate information about your child to help them help you can make or break their chances of finding your child.

How do you give authorities all they need to know to find your child without losing precious time? Do you know your child’s height? Do you have a current photo of your child? Can you provide fingerprints for your child? A DNA sample? Your answer to these questions may be yes, but is this critical information in one easy-to-find location? To give your child every chance to be found as early as possible, a Teays Valley life insurance company is giving you a no-cost Child Safe Kit® for each child in your home.

More than 500,000 children are reported missing each year. Endorsed and supported by the nation's leading law enforcement union, this Child Safe Kit adds an extra level of assurance for the family and shows our ongoing support and commitment to the community.

No cost to the parents/guardians or the school or child care center.

  • Available at No Cost
  • Tools for Parents
  • Assists Authorities
  • Endorsed by the International Union of Police Associations

To get your free Child Safe Kit, just send an email with your name and telephone number to:yourchildsafekits@gmail.com.

A life insurance presentation accompanies the free kits.

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SMITH: Nibert Registered To Vote-In Mason County

Questions Arise About Residency Of Judge

By Mark Hallburn
Publisher, PutnamLIVE.com

One thing is certain: Judge altWilliam M. Watkins, IIIDeloris J. Nibert wants to finish the term of former Putnam County Family Law Judge William M. "Chip" Watkins, III.

What is in question is whether Nibert lives in Putnam County-which is a requirement.

Hurricane Legal Researcher and Free-lance Legal Reporter Lawrence J. Smith says he cannot find any property, in Putnam County, owned by Nibert, and that she isn't registered to vote here-but is registered to vote in Mason County-where she used to serve as the family court judge.

Property tax records and The West Virginia State Bar records show Nibert as a resident of Apple Grove.


In a December 19th, 2013 email to Amy Goodwin, of West Virginia Governor Earl Ray Tomblin's office (who may appoint Nibert), Smith says:

I have some additional questions regarding Judge Deloris J. Nibert's qualifications to be Judge William M. "Chip" Watkins III's replacement as the Putnam County family law judge.
I called the Putnam County Clerk's Office this morning at 9:11 a.m.  When I asked a woman in the voter's registration office if Deloris Nibert was a registered voter in Putnam County, she said no.
However, when I called the Mason County Clerk's Office two minutes later, a woman in their voter's registration office confirmed Nibert was currently a registered voter, and had been so since 2002.  The address she has listed is 33379 Huntington Rd., Ashton, WV.
Also, attached you will find a screen grab of Nibert's listing in the membership directory of the state Bar's Web site.  The address she has listed there is a Post Office box in Apple Grove for her law firm. 
I would like to know the following:
1.  What exactly did Nibert tell the Commission about her residency?
2.  How does the Commission vet the information given to them by candidates?
3.  In light of Nibert not being completely honest about her residency, is Gov. Tomblin still considering appointing her to fill Judge Watkins' vacancy.
In addition, Smith says he was told that Nibert has plans to move into the Devonshire Apartment complex, in Scott Depot, but hasn't officially made that her residence.
According to Smith, Nibert changed her political party-to Republican-in July-perhaps as part of a plan to run successfully, for judge, in Putnam County, a conservative stronghold.
Watkins retired November 30th, 2013, after he was suspended for the remainder of his term, through December 31st, 2016. Nibert has been serving, in his place, but a long-term appointment must be made.
Nibert has a history, in Putnam County. Prior to Watkins tenure, Nibert served as the Putnam County Family Lawmaster. More recently, she had a law office in Prestige Park, in Teays Valley.

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Winfield PD Releases November, 2013 Stats

Calls Show An Increase Over 2012 Numbers

By Mark Hallburn
Publisher, PutnamLIVE.com

Winfield Police Officers continuealt their busy year, with November, 2013, crime activity, according to this news release by Chief of Police John J. Perrine.


The Putnam County 911 CAD system recorded for the period of November 1 through November 30, 2013, that the Winfield Police Department was dispatched to 248 police call for the month. This is a 1% increase over the same period for November 2012, which recorded 240 calls. Total dispatched police calls for the year is 2,385 which is a 130% increase over the same period last year which was 1,841 calls. The monthly mean trend line indicates an increase of 24% in the volume of CAD call activity from October to November 2013.  The number of CAD calls for the year has averaged 216 calls per month.


For reporting purposes police calls have been divided into three (3) primary categories, Crime, Traffic and Service Calls. One hundred Sixty-eight (168) calls, or 68% of 911 dispatched calls for the month of November 2013, were related to “traffic activity,” including traffics stops, assisting motorist, traffic control and related traffic responsibilities. Twenty-three (23)% or 57 calls were for preventing, investigating, or responding to “criminal activity.” Nine percent (09)%, or 23 calls were “service calls” that had the Winfield Police providing assistance to the residents, visitors, guest and employees/ employers of the City of Winfield.


•     GHSP DUI National Blitz (10 patrols)

•     155 traffic stops.

•     2 DUI related arrest.

•     31 traffic citations issued.

•     124 warnings delivered.

•     1 motor vehicle crashes reported.

•     1 WVSP “Crash Reports” completed.

•     1 Hit and Run Investigation.


•     54 Criminal calls.

•     3 Arrest: - 1 Driving DUI with BAC of.153

                          - 1 Driving Revoked on DUI

                          - 1 Domestic Assault & Battery


Open Investigations:

    •   Theft of property at Woodland Forest


Closed Investigations:

    •   Meth Lab outside city



     •     Responded to 23 service calls.

     •     35% of calls were for emergency services.

     •     31% of calls were for walking patrols.

     •     1 missing child reported at Winfield Middle School. Located by police

            within 2.5 hours at a friend’s house.

     •     4 animal complaints, 2 deer euthanized

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PCSD Releases November 2013 Stats

Sheriff Deweese Details Monthly Crime Numbers

By Mark Hallburn
Publisher, PutnamLIVE.com

What is happening with crime in altPutnam County? You want to know. We want you to know. PutnamLIVE.com is inviting Putnam County police chiefs and Sheriff Steve Deweese to provide us with his department's figures each month.

The following numbers are released by Deweese for November, 2013:

  • Responded to 1,191 calls for assistance
  • Made 36 felony arrests
  • Made 58 misdemeanor arrests 
  • The Road Patrol investigated 61 auto crashes
  • The Road Patrol issued 41 misdemeanor citations
  • The Road Patrol arrested 12 DUI’s
  • The Road Patrol completed 120 written complaints
  • Fifteen 15 warrants were served
  • Nine Domestic Violence Petitions were served
  • Home Confinement averaged 53 inmates with 202 home verifications
  • Western Regional Jail averaged 103 inmates per day 
  • Process division served 246 civil papers
  • Tax Office accepted 99 concealed carry permits and issued 74 permits
  • Five Hundred Thirty DMV decals were issued   


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More Problems For Matusic

TV Doctor Driving BMW With Expired Tag

He lives in a $750,000 home, altdrives an expensive RV to Disney Destinations, and drives his "Spoiled" wife's BMW convertible-complete with an expired (orange) license plate tag-when he isn't parking it in a handicapped spot at WCHS-TV-8/FOX 11's Charleston studio, or in the doctor's parking lot at CAMC's Women's and Children's Hospital, in Charleston.


He, is Joseph Henry Matusic, Jr., the Eyewitness News "Baby Steps" pediatrician. When PutnamLIVE.com tried to ask him why his tag wasn't current, he drove away, even attempting to evade our camera by driving into an apartment complex parking lot. It didn't work.

The exclusive PutnamLIVE.com video is posted above this story. Charleston Police tell PutnamLIVE.com that the sticker expired in October, 2013. Other police, in several cities, and the Putnam County Sheriff's Department have been notified about Matusic. We're betting he updates the tag very soon.

Meanwhile Eyewitness News told PutnamLIVE.com they were calling the Charleston Police about our "filming" in the parking lot. (No one shoots film anymore!) We told them the police had already been called-by us-about Matusic's tag, and they told us shooting video in a publicly-accessible parking lot was perfectly legal. A spokesman for CAMC says he is looking into Matusic's parking privileges.

The question remains: Why doesn't Matusic pay to register his car like the rest of us?


Meanwhile, former employees of his wife, Pamela Samantha Greathouse Johnson Osborne Simpkins Matusic, are taking legal action for alleged non-payment of wages-at two of her now-closed day care facilities.

greenhouse GO GREEN: PutnamLIVE.com is only available online. We do not publish a paper edition in order to protect the environment. Please do not print this article unless it is necessary!


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